Wearing my new creation at Fashion Week Mexico

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As I stated in the last post, Fashion week was a CRAZY week (sorry for the redundance),Fashion shows, homework, exams and debates were all at the same time so sadly I couldn't attend to the second day of Fashion Week, but I sure enjoyed the third one.
For the ones following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you probably know I like little DIY projects and I found a beautiful houndstooth fabric at my grandma's house in january, so I thought I could make a cape out of it... and so I did.
I really liked it, an oversized houndstooth printed cape; It looked edgy and cool but I never thought it could become a multipurpose garment. Playing around in my closet It somehow occure to me to tie the cape as a dress and for my surprise, it looked amazingly chic and classy.
With a new gown and burgundy lips I was excited to take over MBFWMX again.
Black, White & Burgundy

Asymmetrical shapes on the red carpet

Bare back, asymmetrical and black&white with a print that for centuries has represented class and elegance.

Soon more adventures from Fashion week, stay tuned!
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  1. Loved the neck and lipgloss (:
    (o como se diga el halter ese alrededor de tu cuello)