Royal garnments

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I arrived to JI+B runway (Previouse seasons HERE and HERE) and as I've said a thousand times I really like their designes that apart from being Couture are feminine, fresh, classy and different. With one of their garnments you'll be the lady calling attention anywhere.

This time their collection was inspired by the Versailles royal gardens; even the runway had a grass maze where models followed different paths, It looked fun and original. The collection was full of lace, sequins and rhinestone applications in a color palette ranging from royal blue and red to gray and black.
It was expected that a collection inspired by the ostentatious palais look so elegant, full of details and elegant nightwear. And my expectations were fulfilled.
My favorite outfit was a black jumsuit with lace on top.

In my opinion it's perfect to look stylish and stand out from the crowd, because(My Vintage Armoire TIP) at most events usually 90% of women wear dresses, so from time to time trousers or in this case a jumpsuit would be a good option to make you still look very pretty, but different and more sophisticated than others.

Here a sneak peek from the show...

The Makeup
Red Lips&Big lashes
(My Vintage Armoire exclusive backstage photo)

 Love in a dress
Majestic Lace
This reminded me of Apolo´s Fountain
To both designers!
As always I´m eager for next season..!
                                                                                Roberta W.P.F
                                                                                (All Photos by me)


  1. Such and amazing collection! The sequins and lace worked really nice, every garment was beautifuly made and the grass over the runway was also a very nice touch, I was there and as you said... Bravo!

  2. I think that the colection was very well. I loved the red dress!
    I admire your work and your fashion style.