I'm in love with Kiehl's

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Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying your holidays....
As you already know, Wednesdays are all about "Beauty tips" and home remedies that help us look perfect.
But if we truly want to stay fresh, young and beautiful we also need to cleanse, tone, moisturize and occasionally use some booster treatments to help us keep our skin in latter conditions and control brightness and dryness.

Some products have chemicals and might affect our skin by producing allergies, acne or other problems, but do not panic.......
There is Kiehl's, an incredible brand I want to talk to you about, which I got to know a bit more on Tuesday at a little brunch with ClubELLE as their second event of the year.
Delicious welcoming latte!
Kiehl's was founded in 1851 as an old world apothecary in NYC in the East Village neighborhood.

All their products are natural and created  based in  cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal knowledge. That means there are perfect products for every skin type! Isn't that great?

I found very interesting the fact that the brand grew just as the family... It all started with women products then when the Kiehls had a son, men products started to be manufactured until today, when Mr. Kiehl´s daughter started horseback riding and now the brand has even horse soap.

I really like the service, because you get a personal advicer who chooses the perfect products according to your skin type and needs. You are also given free samples to try the products, convince yourselfs and see if it actually works.
I know it migh sound "too good", but I was really impressed by the quality and the feeling of freshness in my skin after using some of their products.
with Nicolas Montecchi Palazzi Kiehl’s Director
 Hopefully I might have encourage you to try Kiehl's.
Roberta W.P.F

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