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Mexican Fashion.
Lot´s of you might say there´s not such thing or is not as imortant as fashion in other parts of the world. I truly love being aware of international extraodinaire talent  seen for example in Balenciaga, Valentino, Dior, Moschinno, Marc Jacobs or Chanel. It´s normal that we as fashion lovers try to consume as much fashion as we can, but why don´t start by knowing, buying and supporting the Mexican fashion industry.
Mexican society has a strong and wrong concept that tends to put products made in their country below products of other nationalities.
That's the thing about fashion, many people believe that Mexican fashion industry hasn´t got good quality or design, when in fact there´s a lot of talent we should start to appreciate.

And to help us meet these talents, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico was created as the first platform to help these purpose.
Backed by one of the most famous and powerful brands in the world such as Mercedes Benz, this platform is responsible for supporting the design industry in cities where this industry is developing, cities like Seoul, Moscow, Berlin and Mexico!
It is also the platform where the biggest amount of designers are brought in an incredible atmosphere!
This year there will be new features like "The Box" as I lived in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin (Here)

"The Box" is a black colored hall where a group of models are standing, for use to see the clothing as if we where an art gallery.
There is No front row or assigned places so respect is required to make it a very pleasant experience. It´ll also be the first time in which the people attending the shows will be able to know the designers in person and talk with them about their inspirations and fashion influences. AMAZING right?

MBFashionWeek is a platform which is always trying to make these talents succeed threw programmes like "Fashion forward" and that´s just great.

Fall Winter 13-14 collections will be shown next week on April the 15t to the 18th on the great Carpa Santa Fe.
Some of (my favourite) the designers that will be showing their collections are  Alexia Ulibarri, JI+B, Alejandro Carlin, Julia y Renata, and many more that I´m sure will blow our minds with their beautiful designs. I´m looking forward to see the collections and chat with some of my favorite Mexican designers.

Here the oficial Schedule:

Hope to see you there!
Roberta W.P.F

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