Sweet Disposition

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Oh boy...!
It is almost impossible to describe how much I love the weekend.
Two perfect days to wake up late, go out for brunch, indulge in carbs and shop for flowers.

I find this last activity almost therapeutic.
It used to bring me a lot of joy when I was younger to go and pick fresh flowers with my dad after a delicious breakfast. We had a little routine you know, I used to wake up very early on satirday and he would make me a fruit cocktail. Then I would put on a nice dress and we would go to his favourite spot in the city for breakfast... In case he hadn't already prepared me the best french toast I've ever eaten. Afterwards we would go to grab an icecream and have a stroll at the park where we would pick some fresh flowers.
Yellow Tulips. We always got yellow tulips. His favourite color, my favourite flower, specially in spring when they bloom faster.
That little trip was everything to me, I would tell him everything about my week and just enjoy his trully marvellouse company. Sadly that tradition ended a few years ago, however I still remember him with happyness everytime I go to the flowers market.
I like gerberas, pansies and roses as well, however hydrangeas were the ones that caught my eye this week.
It was a pretty good day among lovely people, great food and simple little things that painted a smile on my face. 

Buddha said once that when the day comes when people realize the miracle that the blooming of a seed trully is, it'll be the day they'll be mesmerized by the simple act of existence and all that which we consider trouble will stop tormenting us.

This type of days call for something super laidback, but at the same time super chic. I've always felt that leather has this amazing ability to elevate any look, and because of that I decided to pair my beloved leather joggers with a half tuck navy shirt, a pair of mules and a printed clutch to give it a punch of texture. 

So tell me, what's your favourite thing to do on the weekends? And.. How do you like this look?

Sunníes/Marc Jacobs
Shirt/ Anne Taylor
Leather Joggers/H&M
Rings/Forever 21
Red Polish/Couleur Caramel
Xoxo, RWPF

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