Looking Closer

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Something is happening to me lately. Something is changing in the way I dress, on my view of life, the way I perceive people, the way I react to things that come my way... And so on.
I guess it is just a part of growing up, but I've  never feel so encouraged to show myself, my true self to the world without thinking about what everybody else thinks. I've been experimenting, getting out of my confort zone in my style and with my attitude towards life in general.
I've engaged in many projects that are finally, after tons of work, taking some shape.
And I'm writting a lot, not only about Fashion which I love, but about life, like Virgina Woolf once said "about the things nobody dares to write about". And it maks me happy, it is good to change and is is nice to feel like you are finally starting to figure things out.
I had the idea of this photos about two years ago, nor was I old enough or brave to shot them.
Right now they have a meaning, they express the changes I've been through and represents one of those rewarding projects that turn out just the way you had pictured them.
If you look closer it is a catarsis, and outburst of emotions, it's a thrill and confussion, happiness and fear about the future and for me just a milestone of who I want to become as a person.
There are this days where you just wake up with a clear idea in your mind about something and know that this time you'll get it right. You just know that it didn't matter all those times you told everybody how you were changing or planned to do so, you just change... It's a switch. You wake up, look closer at the mirror and know it is done.
That's how clear things seem to be at the moment.
This pictures are my latest art Project and go with a text I wrote a few months back. Feel free to share, like and comment.

I used to write how a monster lived in my hed rather tan under my bed.
I think that even then, I understood the power of my own thoughts. For this was a monster of self-creation. A monster born from my deepest fears, a monster constructed with my bare mind incarnated by thoughts that were slowly and painfully eating me away.
But the thing is, they were all mine. I chose to think about them. And my whole life was transformed because of them. I left the creature roam freely in my head for too long.
Still, I guess that when the day comes, when people realize how their life only exists inside their mind, it'll be the day they'll take responsibility for their thoughts. Not control -- for you see, they've had that all along.
Your mind is the brush with which you paint reality. And for all intents and purposes you could be the next Goya reviving from his own "dream of reason".
 R. Woodworth

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