Double Denim

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A pair of jeans are essential in every closet, at every age, regardless of a persons style or liking.
We can wear them casually on a daily basis and easily transform them in a second into something more sophisticated by simply adding a pair of stilettos or blazer to the mix. 
Denim is the overoll example of versatility and comfort when it comes to fabric, nevertheless, one of the oldest social rules of fashion dictates that one must never wear more then one piece of it at a time. Why wouldn't we? It's the question that divides the Fashion scene: Should you or shouldn't you double up on denim?
 I'm of the firm opinion that twice as much is twice as good.
A trend made famouse by Marilyn Monroe in the 60's film Misfits, where she wears a Lee denim jacet with classic blue jeans, which revived with total rage in the 80's is now making it's denim over denim comback in the streets and on the runway portrayed by Stella McCartney, Derek Lam, Isabel Marant's patchwork, Balmain's quilted pieces and Chanel ober the last few seasons. I guess right now the idea is to mix and match different textures, colors and silhouettes. Denim booties as seen in Louis Vuitton, upholstried skirts such as Balenciaga and it's never ending palette of blue. 
That's basically the key to keep it classic, focuss on the original color and have fun while mixing and matching.
I decided to make and ode to blue with this super casual and comfy look and upgraded it with a pair of pumps.
A denim shirt is what I would wear when a) I have no clue on what to wear
b) I don't want to put much though into it because I'm tired, but want to look put together
c) All of the above plus, it's instantly cool
This time we would take a) into consideration. I went to the Philharmonic with my family and was ready to have a lovely sunday with great company and a nice lunch break so, I wanted to look polish but not overdressed. Denim on denim was the answer... And just because I wanted it to look a tad more ladylike I added those shoes to the mix. They make it effortless. 
The backpack is another piece making a huge statement lately, which is great considering that you can carry twice as much as what you normally do in a tote and it's a thousand times more pragmatic and cool! This one is a classic Burberry, but I decided to paint it blue in an urge to make it a little edgier... I now I'm crazy, but one must take a risk in order to win! (And I'm loving it!) Ha ha ha



Belt/Ralph Lauren
Heels/Ralph Lauren
Xoxo, RWPF

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