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There's something about wearing unconentional garnments/accesories that really attracts me.
Some might say that I'm weird... And why would I ever dare to deny that? I am.
Best of all I embrace it: Weird and proud! Because where would the fun be if I didn't?
Of course, if you are not a member of this uncommon-and-we-know-it club (seriously doubt that) then you might as well ignore the previous personal revalidation and center your attention on the important stuff which here would be sumed up to shiny earlobes.

I've never centered too much on accesorizing my ears. Probably because, unlike in everything else Fashion related, I'm pretty old schooled on that matter.
Being practically borned and raised wearing classic pearls and discrete golden pieces only changed every once in a very long while, I've never really thought about trying anything else in an attempt to avoid looking over-accesorize with a pair of dangling pieces swinging at both sides of my face. Specially after my precipitous fall, when in elementary school, into that tornado of tacky-hoop-Claire's-earrings and chandeliers with rocks of a thousand colors I even thought matched with my Lacoste polos.
After that, when my sense of chic started to develop, I decided it was time to burry those memories and horrible fixtures in the deepest drawer I could find only to be opened if an 80's party happened near by where neon orange plastic loops were applauded and not shunned.
And so I moved on to better things, better clothes, better statements, better taste but clinched desesperately to my ever faithful diamond tendrils.

For my bad luck, currently, among the most sophisticated looks reside humongous earrings.
If we are not talking about huge coin waterfalls a lá D&G, we are certainly refering to Armani's PVC circles.
With so many, I couldn't help but feel the clear awakening of my curiosity.

But what to do? Go big or go home, right?
Nevertheless it's not like such suspensions can be taken as lightly as to arrive at school with embellishments worthy of Cleopatra.
That lead to a deep debate about how I was going to start decorating my ears, avoiding at all costs piercings for my fear of needles and future stitches I sure would need if my skin ever decided to hang loose around the minimum weight.
In the mintime of my despair Fashion Week Milan started ... and  my obsession appeared.

Roberto Cavalli had among its accessories the most stunning flower earrings with the unusual characteristic of hugging the ear from top to bottom in a sublime way. It was classic but at the same time bold.
And so, while the earring supply grew, it became more and more difficult to ignore, until the day I finally bought my first cuff. One with a pearl (to smooth the abrupt transition) connected to a pair of chains welded to the ring that embraces the middle cartilage. The first day I wore it was full of surprised looks of the people who could not believe I had "pierced", of course after clarifying things those looks turned into compliments.
That surprise made me feel extremely rebellious, as if I had a this side of me... Of my style, I could deeply explore and embrace. Feel different and bet for the crazy things. (As if I hadn't been doing that over the past few years)
Maybe not crazy but more pop, punk and grunge culture related. Always presenting itself so carelessly unexpected and provocative with a very sexy side to breaking the rules and leaving everyone with their mouths open of surprise. Even if it's the most decent, lady-like shock!
-Class over everything... Even while wearing Louboutins and short skirts!-
From that day on I love to mix up my conservative pieces with statements, which now perfectly combine with everything from a cocktail dress to skinny jeans and sweaters and make them look effortlessly bold and empowered.
Stop being a Basic B(Girl)!
And start adding some serious ear glamour to your daily ensambles... At the end of the day Fashion has become an evolving force that celebrates every limb. Embrace it!
Earcuff/ H&M

Xoxo, RWPF

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