Almost There...

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My beloved readers,
I don't mean to frighten you but we are hours away from starting a new chapter in life and it's time to write down some resolutions, 'cause then comes PARTY TIME!!!!
Thinking about this I made up my mind to go and open my little black notebook of "Resolutions" and oh my gosh I was scared. Did I finally fullfiled any of them? Am I any closer? Have I forgotten something?
But let me tell you that surprisingly I didn't, at least most of them.
I started working out, eating healthier, drinking tons of juices, became organized, changed my attitude and after a very introspective semester I guess I now have a clearer definition of where I want to go and how the path to those defined goals looks like.
So I guess that the "Personal" section has gained a big fat CHECK!
As for the "Wearing different Manolos and having a dear Chanel boy by my side", well let's just say that like Iggy I'm "work work working on ma' (sh*t) things" to achieve it.
But leaving all written resolutions aside, I took a trip down memory lane to really appreciate how life teaches us things the ways we least expect them and how it has a very wise way to send us what we need in the exact moment we require it to keep going. I've learned that the mind is a powerful tool that can help us achieve and get things if we desire them bad enough (like an ODLR gown) even if it takes time. At last I learned that there's always the possibility of a fresh start if you put your thoughts to it.
This intro- and retrospective as much as I called them my personal hell while they lasted, were completely neccesary to help me set a clearer vision of my future.
So I'd like to wish you the best of luck accomplishing your resolutions.
And please remember that it doesn't matter that you are still looking for the perfect job, the dreamy boy/girlfriend or that your wardrobe isn't already filled with the latest collection of Balmain samples. The only thing that matters is the effort you make today and everytime you feel doubtful or scared take a look back to all the steps you've made to get where you are, celebrate it and keep moving forward!
Happy almost 2015!
Xoxo, RWPF

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  1. Happy ALmost 2015! from your 1.5 fan.. now my #$%^&*google account...doesn't allow me to sign with my name.. :P
    You go girl.. the best for you and your family :)