NYFW: Future Spring 2015... Part1

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September is the january of Fashion.
Starting with this month's magazines which turn into humongous presents on our doorstep, it is the start of a new season and style revolution who's accomplishments only last for the next 6 months until another barbaric weather strike and idea brainstorm takes place practically simultaneously in NYC, Paris, London and Milan turning this "new year" in nothing like the mundane "relaxing" one (if you ever find holiday season relaxing) but into complete and beautiful chaos.

Fashion Week New York came to an end last friday, and was the responsable for the kick off of the crazyness of fashion month.
From all the NYFW's I've lived as blogger, this was the quickest one. I'm normally glued to my IPhone screen to see what's happening every minute of every day in every show and presentation in both sides of the globe, but this year it all took place in the blinck of an eye and it was suddenly over.
I can't even imagine what it could be if I lived everything in flesh and blood. Which hopefully I will one day, when I get the chance to finally RSVP yes to all those beautiful and blessed invitations I'm finally and luckily am getting. It would probably be sweet pandemonium with sored feet.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mean pandemonium in a wrong way, it is said that nothing good happens in heaven, so we might as well all go to hell in beautiful magnetic sole stilettos.
So before proceeding with more ... we will summarize the future of SS15 according to the Big Apple.

Marc Jacobs
Every season Marc Jacobs ends wowing all spectators watching his shows, because even though he follows a line of youthfull, cool, daring designes, nobody really knows were he is going to take us season after season. This time we were called for duty at battle field, which stands in counter positions to the sweet venue with a cute white-picket-fenced house illuminated in pink he chose for his models to strut down the runway.
This time the military inspiration was taken to another level. No camouflage, but a palette of military green, khaki, white and navy from very thick methallic fabrics that could easily remind us of a parachute or combat attire.
The silhouettes were short and flirty while at the same time dairing and a bit galactic.
I immediately tthought about something between star treck and the army.
Don't you love it?
I would seriously consider in wearong that cobalt space amazon dress or the Green military jumpsuit full of explorer pockets.

J. Mendell

Apart from the clearly elegant silhouette we were intended to see, J. Mendell's fur was definetely one of the peeks of the collection as this designers is already merging seasons and preparing every woman to fight this terrible bipolar weather. He made clear as well, that fur can be fun.

Michael Kors
 Basically made the statement of the season. Clean basics like button down shirts with embroideres skirts and a belt.
THE BELT KNOT THOUGH.... one to keep an eye on.
Calvin Klein
In words of Vogue, Francisco Costa seems to have gotten, just like Picasso into a Blue Period as his shade choices in the latest Calvin Klein collection were nothing more than navy with occasional hints of red and white in garnments that returned to Klein's origins and portrait sporty cleanliness with interesting textures compelling a more modern and minimalistic look one would expect from the brand.
Ralph Lauren
Utility, and how it can appear in every girl's closet, was the message here, which is 100% Ralph, who knows we can all dream a little but need to stay grounded in reality. Whenever I think of Ralph, I picture timelesss class of an american woman. Picture Jackie Kennedy in some way Diane Keaton and neat society woman wearing capri pants and sweaters. So, for me, Ralph Lauren was something for mature woman, something I'd like to wear when I get older (even If I have some beautiful pieces in my closet at the moment) but the way he has of reinterpreting each piece to make it edgier and add the sexy factor is stunning. The safari jacket has now a sharply defined waist, colorful suits like that gorgeous olive versión that walked down the runway, black looks with sheered backs and dreamy organza details that complemented each and every single attire. His idea of perfection from after 9 to 5... A pair of long crystal earrings in lustrous shades of ruby and amethyst. Go big or go home.

And this was just a sneak peek from everything we were able to absorb the last crazy week in NYC.. stay tuned for more...

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