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My love affair with Coach started at the very young age of 9 on a trip to Orlando, Florida to celebrate my birthday. I remember walking into the store, feeling so cool by accompanying my mom shopping (every girls dream), when she handed me a bag.
It  was little, pink, boxy and had quilted C's all over it. Love at first sight. I couldn't believe my mom was actually showing me A COACH BAG and asking me if I liked it... The rest is history and I assume you know what happened. Of course, I was the most fashionable nine year old you could see at Disney, and because everything is a matter of individuality,  and I most admit I like and support being different, I personalized it by adding a pretty cute Stitch keychain.
We can say this was my very first chic bag. Years later my brother gave me a satchel and a cell-chain with snowflakes on Christmas and over the years I've acquired many other things like the iconic and versatile scarves. As you can see my affair with the Brand, leader in luxury designs, has become a serious long term relationships that continues to grow.
This is why I was most excited to attend last Wednesday to the re-opening of the first flagship store in Antara Fashion Hall."BUT THERE WAS ALREADY A STORE....!", Yes indeed, it's been there since 2006, but now has transformed and become dual gender embrassing the change, Coach as brand of global lifestyle, is going through. The main facade has adopted a minimalistic style in white keeping the iconic engraving pristine to create a more open and modern atmosphere.
Now the treasures inside are more appealing and beautiful then before. Handbags,  leather goods, footwear, cool clothes and accessories, each with their own section so boys and girls can have a wonderful shopping experience.
My favourites where the bicolor plaid totes in black and white, the leather oversized totes, the snake strap sandals and the printed palazzo pants.
The famous actress Ana Claudia Talancón together with the global president of the brand Giorgio Sarne cut the ribbon so we could enjoy this new experience for ourselves.
It was a great pleasure to get invited to such an event and get to meet the representatives of the brand!
Thank you and.... WELCOME COACH!

What I wore...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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