Rock Bottom

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I've hit it hard this past few weeks and it has involved everything.
Fashion, boys, school, made me had my Carrie moment where I just had to disconnect from the outside world and releave my mind from all the tension.
Watching Gossip Girl has been my theraphy and altough is has been fun it has made me think a lot about recent attitudes I've been observing during the latest fashion events.
The glimmering aura that used to embrasse all of them in my mind is vanishing, now more than ever I have confirmed that there is an unglamorous side to every glamorous situation and infact people ignoring this reality are making the industry saturated, vanal and doll.
Every party and runway was for me an oportunity to meet people and fill that thrill that comes from putting on your favourite heels and sliping into a cocktail party surrounded by personalities of the industry and the latest designs. That applied to Fashion Week to, but I've come to the conclution that lately all new recruits to this amazing world are only in love with what may be...
Everyone is a "blogger" when they don't even have a web page or have a clue of fashion's past, history and development. Everyone wants to be a designer without having to sew, and everybody wants to get free gifts and be famous without having to work.
That's the key: WORK
And appart from people not wanting to put a little effort into things there are the ones who just go to have a glass of champagne, register as press and do nothing but occupy a spot perfectly suitable for someone else. Opening a blog isn't a ticket to meet Oscar de la Renta or seat front row, it is a space to share, which can also open many opportunities, but this opportunities come as you work for them. One must learn because in the case you meet Oscar de la Renta, you better know who he is, otherwise you won't even be able to value where you are standing. Worst of all, this people come with inflated egos demanding front row seats or the ultimate goodie bag when nobody knows who they are. But on the other hand, even if you are someone those diva attitudes are nothing profitable. It seems that instead of helping each other to get out of the bucket we tend to pull each others foot and see who can make it out... That's not helping the industry and is only creating rivalities adding to it a negative and unbearable vibe. Only because you are designers it doesn't mean you can't be friends, the fact that you work for different magazines doesn't make you enemies and bloggers shouldn't be seeing each other as competition. That is why I've had enough. I don't have any problems, luckily I haven't staged a scene, but that doesn't mean I like to be a spectator... The dense vibe reaches several rows of the theater. Of course we know that the industry itself has ups and downs and as designers should have a business plan, more buyers should be invited to the shows and seated at front row, which seems rather unlikely they do when frontrowers are the designers family and friends. It is a compounnd of many things, but I am sure that we have to make a difference and change the attitude, and if you are on those parties only for the figs wrapped in prosciutto, then you must better reconsider and back off. There, I have said it.
On other aspects of my life I've just been feeling tired, not passionate any more... too stressed out.
And with all of this things surrounding fashion... even my love for it flanked... but as a little crisis between Chuck & Blair (far too much Gossip Girl I know!) it always blossoms stronger than ever (OH MY I'm corny hahaha)
Love on the other hand , well... is complicated and boys are still like skirts to my eyes...
School, driving me nuts as always, but  has probably made this year more special, so I guess I just need to breath, relax, hold my head high and keep up!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F 

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