Shopping on a Diet

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This is a reflection on consumerism and a way to avoid bankruptcy.

Hello, my name is Roberta and I ABSOLUTELY and IRREVOCABLY adore shopping.
Yes, I've said it.. and no, I don't need help. 
Lie. Actually I do, just as everyone reading this, because it doesn't matter if you're made of money, even then too much shopping can empty your bank account.
How many times have we heard that "shopping is cheaper then a psychiatrist..." and "shopping is my cardio.." The last one might be true, because it's exhausting, still shopping being cheaper than a psychiatrist is debatable. Sadly... Taking shopping as an excuse to feel better might leave us without a penny.
We should always count our financial calories to get the chance of occasionally buying that yearned and delicious piece of cake... or purse. Once we have that clear and are aware of how much money we have and how we can much we can spend without losing the floor we need to ask ourselves the next questions: What do I want? and What do I need?
A well trained fashion junkie uses the three R's: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle to optimize his clothing.
So first we need to see what we own and what we can still use. Having torned, stained or damaged clothes provides a small outlook. If you have older pieces see if these are still wearable or can be modify, upgrade or repaired.
Now you probably know  already what's in your closet so, it might sound silly, but make a list of what you lack.
First complete the basics: trench coat, white blouse, black pants, jeans and pointy heels. Once you've done that you may start shopping other things, but a good tip is to never do it with your head warm. Stay calm. be cold and machiavellian so you don't buy useless pieces. Might be beautiful but useless.
If you see something you like, try it on and then think about 3 possible ways to wear it with things you already own. If you have nothing, leave the store right away.
If you spend several days thinking about this, for example in a skirt or shoes and your budget allows you, buy it. And there you have your slice of cake.
Always follow this steps.
Check, make a list, ask, try on, combine and see if it is worth it.
Shop on a Diet and don't eat the world just give yourself little treats!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F 

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