Plaid dreams!

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Every fashion's lover dream is to wake up one day with the ability to combine every single piece in the closet perfectly and effortlessly.
Because it doesn't matter how much knowledge we have on the subject, we always state that everything is useless and we have nothing to wear!
Still on rare occasions, the inspiration just comes and helps us create something perfect that doesn't only look good, but makes us feel powerful, happy and glamorous.
And this is what I felt with this look!
When I bought this blouse 3 weeks ago I knew in the exact moment I saw it that I had hit jackpot, because despite the flattering shape and chic&simple design, it looked perfect to pair with everything, theory I proved right the exact same day I used it for the first time when I attended 3 events on a row and just styled it differently for each.
Aside from that I am crazy about tartan since I got these pants and have worned them ever since with every possible thing I've been able to think of!
So far this has been my favourite combination... hope you like it!



I can't stand how cool this outfit looks!
It's like a puzzle, every piece fits perfectly with the other one.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. Muy lindo! te ves preciosa! Felicidades :) me gusta ese collar :P