Fashion Victims

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Most people picture a person obsessed or addicted to fashion, a fashion junkie, who practically lives his life around material things and spends a lot of money on it.
However there is another type of fashion victim. One that literally is.
I was reading an article about all the damage clothes can do to our body, none is nice and some can be quite serious so here I want to share with you significant problems each garnments can cause in order to prevent turning into a victim of fashion, because that's really SCARY!

Bras are the modern corsets and their function is to hold and fight against the laws of gravity,
Because if a bra is to tight it can snug the chest lymph nodes and produce cysts.
We must add to this that if a bras does not provide the exact support it may also produce back pain and irritation.
Female briefs should be cotton to let intimate parts breathe and prevent the appearance of fungi that causes infections.
Very tight man briefs can lead to infertility because they tend to squeeze the body organs, causing these to heat up and not work properly, that's why loose boxers are the best option.
At last i this category I only want to say that thongs are NOT HYGIENIC ... they make everything go everywhere ... avoid them!
If you wear them because you do not want your underwear to leave marks or be seen with tight clothes then use complete options like the ones from Maidenform.
For men or women very tight jeans can cause very similar problems to carpal tunnel syndrome in which legs are numb, tingling, asleep and may loose sensitivity.
Wear stretchy pants or leggings and specially stretchy jeans!
Extremely tight ties may eventually cause blindness, because when something is pushing the jugular blood pressure becomes irregular and in severe cases causes cataracts.
4 inch heels are perfect because they prevent from getting flat feet and body proportions remain stable, however higher heels change the distribution of the entire body and can cause spine deformation, very strong muscle aches and weakness in legs.
It is simply recommended to wear higher heels sporadically.
One might think that people undergo only a little discomfort to look good, but if we think of the deformed skulls from the Mesoamerican in the past, the tiny "lotus feet" of Chinese women and the giraffe necks of the African women we can see that the pursuit of beauty is and has been for thousands of years a culturally very powerful stimulus that can cause irreparable damage to health.
So before using any trends or not very comfy clothes, think about what those can do to your body.
Use fashion that suits you and do not become a victim of fashion!
It can be Spooky!
P.S. Happy Halloween guys!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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