Moda Prima MX

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Ever heard about a networking party?
Well, ModaPrimaMx was the first one, ever held in México involving the fashion industry .
To tell the truth I didn't know what to expect. I was curious and excited, but didn't know if people were actually going to conect or just party.
They asked me to signed up a new Mexican talent and I inmediately thought about Iván Ávalos from EMD13, remember? he is the one who did the white floral gown.
When I got to the event I saw little presentations from each designer and then rushed upstairs to meet them.

It is enough to say that I left very happy after meeting REALLY great talents like...

Paul Fastag
I felt drawn to his stand right away when I saw it full of fun and original pieces made out of silver, but I obviously wanted him to tell me about his vision and design.
The first thing he asked me was if I knew the components of a bandaid, to which I surprised answear I did not. 
Then he told me that we perceive all the objects around us in an invisible way.
There they are, but we don't see them, we take them for granted and for that reason we pay no attention to them... they are forgotten. 
So what he wants is to take these common objects and make them original and different statement accessories.
I can tell you, or maybe you already know, that I live for statements and am always looking for different things to caught the attention.
Just the other day I was telling my mum that I needed a new lucky charm, one I could pair with other necklaces and make a cool combo, but it had to be different.
Nice Paul gave me a lovely one indeed, it's even on his logo!
A dog, but not a common one... a balloon dog! 
It's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks Paul I love it!
He'll start selling at the MUAC ( Contemporary Art Museum) Follow him on Facebook you'll love his work!

Sepia Couture
Sepia Couture caught my attention for its very bohemian style. When I approached, the designers told me that every piece is handcrafted.
The embroidery, painting, weaving, and all work is made per hand.
I must say that I became completely crazy about the "infinity sweater" and some blouses with inked flowers on the back .... I have several looks in mind that soon on the blog.
I want to thank the girls for all, soon I will be visiting the workshop to see how each piece made​​!
Check out on Facebook too!

Iván Ávalos
As I mentioned, I was asked to enroll a talented and young designer and immediately thought about Iván, who is preparing a collection and showed some pieces in the event.
I loved the blue dress with white and the super original clutch made ​​of metal.
He is a very very very talented guy with a promising future, who always designes with a modern, edgy and elegant allure.
I'm very happy to have atended Moda PrimaMX and hope next time will be even better!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F


  1. por favor¡¡¡¡ si el blog es mexicano y el evento fue en Mexico escriban en español, no hay que ser malinchistas¡¡¡

    1. Hola, no soy malinchista.
      De hecho si lees mi blog con atención te darás cuenta de que apoyo mucho a la industria del país.
      Sin embargo para tener más alcance con mi blog comparto mis pensamiento en inglés, los que puedes cambiar a cualquier idioma con el traductor.
      Así gente hasta en Malasia puede enterarse del gran talento que hay en este país!