Boys are like skirts...

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Life is hard.
We grow, we fall, we crumble and we learn in the search of goals, dreams and of course LOVE.
Even if we don't want to believe it love is one of the biggest pains we suffer and it's not because it is complicated, but because we humans are.

Right? .. Don't leave me hanging here I know I'm not the only one...

Still most of love issues or doubts are relatable to clothes and shopping... Isn't it all in this world?
Well, let's see.
You like a boy a lot and start day dreaming about him, you go out with him an then see it's like a beautiful, edgy, great shaped, skirt that you buy in a moment of excitement and then discover you have nothing to combine it at all. It's just not a match. Even if he or it looks so perfect.

Another case scenario would be to find a piece in your size and that everyone tells you to give a chance, but you just don't feel comfortable in it. You don't like it despite of it's bright sides.
He might be sweet and all but just not your type.

And the last would be to like something in the first impression but as the relationship goes on and you actually meet them you see you don't quite fit in, or feel uncomfortable, or it's tricky to combine and all of that makes you deal with a lot of stress. Those people and skirts.. are pretty dangerous. You try to make an effort to congeniate because it seems you have a lot in common but at the same time you'd like to kill them everytime you see them or in the moment they open their mouth.

My golden rule and the only thing I know for sure is that I had and will for eternity strictly avoid are one night dresses. Yes it's hot, short, tight,and fun but for that same reason won't lead you anywhere and just get you a tacky image of streetwalker.
Believe me I know girls who just can't seem to connect and are so desesperate to get physical because they're scared to death of commitement or getting hurt.

What I'm trying to say is that the bumpy ride of love is terrible. And it's terrible to get all wishful and excited after meeting someone.
Yes, I'm old school, but I thing we've got that clear in one of my first posts...
This situations might tear you apart, I know they have shred me. But in then end I have 2 stable relationships that help me get through it.
The first with my family and friends who always know how to make me feel better.
And second one with this blog and my closet.
Sounds weird? Maybe, but truth is that playing with my clothes and writing about fashion or my feelings makes me feel reliefed.

It's just how it works when my mind is a jumble. The same as a swimmer feels after a day in the pool and a piano player after a concert.The moment I play with my clothes I disconect.

No wonder why a Mexican icon (María Felix) once said you should cry for a man only three days and wear heels and new clothes in the fourth.
I identify a lot with this. I've written several times and truth is that clothing makes us feel better. It gives us confidence, security and sometimes even a simple shirt and jeans may have the power to make us feel incredibly attractive too.

I reversed the process.
I cried for 1 day like crazy until my eyes dried and new shoes were used the following three days.
Between that feeling of happiness and my friends together with my wonderful family I feel much better.

Let's see it this way: Sometimes skirts are not for us or just not what we deserve, but instead come our way so that we learn to make better choices and great decisions next time .

This is a post I've had in my mind for quite some time, feel free to share your thought about this or what you do to endure it...
And always remember to get up, dress up, show up and never give up or as one of my best friends always tells me ... "head high princess or you'll lose your crown"
Have a wonderful week!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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