Happy 1st Year Anniversary My Vintage Armoire

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I've been preparing myself for this day for months now and today when I was just waking up, all cozy under the covers... I took my phone and saw a notification saying My Vintage Armoire Anniversary.
I couldn't react, I've been sitting here for more than half an hour day dreaming about the many things I have experienced and how my life has change in the past 365 days.
Many people ask me how and why I started the blog and I think its fair enough that you hear the complete story.

Since I turned 14 I started asking myself what I had done and wanted to do with my life.
The answer: no clue!
That developed a little teenage-crisis as I called it, where I put the cards on the table and said to myself that if I wanted to do something I had to start right away.
I've loved fashion since I was a little girl, I use to draw dresses in the last pages of my notebooks at school and my parent's and grandma's closet have been chambers full of history and beautiful garnments since I can recall, reason why I pictured myself as a couturière, but this little project here made me realize that my true love is writing.
Thanks to my mom I had attended to fashion week for 3 years back then and after lots of thinking I realized that I was not only in love, but passionate about the fashion world and wanted to have my own space to share thoughts, adventures, goals & dreams in and about it.
A blog was the perfect way to do so, but it wasn't until last summer while I was in Berlin returning to the apartment after a day at fashion week when I finally decided My Vintage Armoire would become a reality.
And you might be asking yourself why that name? Where did it come from?
Well, as I previously stated my parent's and grandma's style had a lot to do with it. You see, I adored to see how my mom, dad and grandma paired their outfits and always looked amazing, classy and chic. 
I started to worship their clothes, because this were no ordinary.
They gave me many things that currently constitute my closet... Either a 60's Dior blouse or Aries bag with bamboo handles from my grandma, my father's custom made Versace vests or my mother's Hermès scarves are not only beautiful, but full of story as vintage pieces normally are.
And having a bit of my beloved ones story always complementes the way I express myself through fashion, because I like to wear things with meaning and memory.
This story is the essence of the blog.
It took me all summer to design the background and logo and altough all that work was exhausting, I couldn't get more excited.
I was afraid, I knew that once I had committed to this I wouldn't let go.
I never thought that exactly 1 year later, 3 month before my 17th birthday, I would have been lucky enough to get invited to New York's Fashion Week (which has been one of my biggest dream), to have met so many incredible people, to be able to do what I love as my job writing for Life&Style and to get the chance to assist so many amazing events... All in such a small period of time and everything thanks to this blog, which has become my treasure, my shelter, my diary and my space to share everything and tell that Dreams + Wishes + Work = Success if you go for it!

Thank you SO MUCH for all the support, for being here right now and for being a part of this!
I do mean it, from the bottom of my heart!

 Roberta W.P.F

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  1. Well as your fan 1.5 I wish you the best! Congratulations for your first anniversary!! I know is the first of many more! Love your blog!!!