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Hey Beauties!
It's beauty tips wednesday and to complete yesterday's interview I'd like to share with you the beauty tips from Elle Mexico's beauty editor, Paulina Soto.

From beauty 101 to her summer recomendation, here I present to you the editors tips.

First of all you need to consider your budget for makeup, it's great to buy the latest Chanel, Dior or Armani Lipstick but you don't need to spend tons of money. There are great products for less.

Go to the dermatologist to solve any skin problems, because makeup can't help you sometimes.
Do not criticize yourself, take care and love every stage of your life and skin. From your imperfections in your teenage years to your early wrinkles, all of them are full of stories.
Last but not least Pau wants you guys to remember a very famous quote from Françoise Nars "Have fun. It's only makeup!"


-With or without makeup you have to cleanse and wash your face before you go to sleep EVERYDAY.
One's you realize all the dirt, dust and stuff that sticks to your face during the day you'll never go to sleep without doing it.
-Wear sunblock daily, to prevent cancer, spots and premature ageing

Favourite Products:
Clinique "take the day of" makeup remover
Camomile waterproof eye-makeup remover
If you are looking for something practical buy sunblock with foundation included!
(I've tried a great one called "Eau thermale tinted cream" from Avène)

Always be gentle while cleansing to avoid wrinkles.

Pau told me that women should start taking this precautions and cares when they are young so they don't have to worry about liftings and other treatments later.
It seems logic for me that if you have a healthy beauty routine since you are young it'll reflect later on.


-Remove the clumps from the brush with a tissue before applying.
-After applying do the same in your lashes.
-NEVER lend your mascara to avoid infections
-Don't pump the mascara, because it dries and lasts less


-ALWAYS clean your brushes either with neutral soap or a special solution from a cosmetic brand.

Nail Polish

-To protect your nail always apply a layer of basecoat.
-Let your nails breathe at least one day at a week so they don't turn yellow.
-NEVER bite your nails, it looks terrible and your and your nails will

In your bag...

-eye cream
-lip balm

Emergency tips
Sometimes we don't have our complete makeup case in our purse and need to get ready for events that arise without warning. That's when being practical comes in handy, because with 2 or 3 things we can get a nice look.
-If looking for blush the best option is to use a bit of your lipstick to get color
-Black eye-shadow can be used as eye-liner and be degraded to create smokey eyes
But still thhe best in those cases is to have a a llttle box with everything, Pau specially likes the ones from benefit which have from a tiny lipgloss to tiny eye-shadow.

In terms of brands Pau trys and also likes lots of them...
When it comes to foundation "Maestro" from Giorgio Armani is her absolutely favourite for leaving her like an inmaculated canvas. Touche Éclat from YSL is her favourite corrector. A pink matte lipstick can't never miss in her bag, because you only need a stroke of color to be perfect and the matte finish gives it a sofisticated touch. Of course, if you are looking for an eye-lash curler you need the iconic one from Shu Uemura.

As for the summer Pau encourages you to play with bright nail polishes and bronzers.

So here it is guys, the tips and secrets from a great beauty editor!
Remember to share, like and comment.
Thanks again to Paulina Soto for everything.

                                                                                                 Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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