Beauty Tips: Nail bars, What to order?

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I was going to paint my nails the other day, but when I observed their deplorable state...I decided that it is urgent for me to go to the salon for a manipedi!
I was just thinking about that while leafing through into the latest issue of Vogue Mexico
and suddenly found a fantastic article about how to choose the best manicure for your nails.
We might never think about this important decision, but how do we know what to order at the salon? What's the best option for our nails?
Because it isn't just about the color or shape. It is about your nails and the quality you want them to have.
That's why today I would like to give you a little guide, in order to decide which manicure is the best for you, of course it depends of what sort of nails you have and that truth should be told by an expert, but to have an idea of where you are in the statistic is not bad.

-Brazilian or dry manicure
Consists in using plastic gloves or socks containing assets, which nourish, moisturize, regenerate, soften and smooth the cuticle, your nails, hands and feet.
This technique prevents infection and is the most recommended by manicurists for it's effects.

Nails are dipped in a soap solution for softness.

-Shellac or permanent
Perfect manicure that dries in 2 minutes with UV light and lasts 15 days, however experts think it's bad that it has a "root effect" that means you have to go to the salon to remove it, because if done improperly nails can crack and rise in layers. There are also concerns about de pH levels balance which might get destabilize.

-Paraffin Manicure
Ideal for dryed and tyred hands 
For this type of manicure hands are dipped into a container with hot wax.
Depending on the status of the hands, they must be kept dipped in between 15 and 30 minutes. Wax is then removed and given a massage using a natural oil to hydrate.

Now some tips:
-Previously it was believed that removing cuticles was good for your nails, yet the majority of times the nails and skin swells and is more likely to get infections both internal and external.
So... Don't remove the cuticules!

-Always read the layers and check if the polishes are natural some of them are up to 85% and don't damage your nails, unlike others we can get attract to for the prices and are almost 100% chemicals that inflame our nails or leave them full of imperfections

-The secret of a good manipedi starts with the use of base or foundation which acts like a protective shield against the nail polish y extends the chromatic life of the nail.

-Moisturizes your hands thoroughly with cream and exfolialas daily 2 times a week so they look soft, youg and beautiful.

I hope you liked this post, later on I´ll tell you which one I chose....
Enjoy you manipedis girls and tell me per facebook or twitter which mani style you chose and how did it go!
                                                                                                                        H&K, Roberta W.P.F

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