Beach Basics

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Hello Summer beauties!
I imagine most of you are travelling to some hot destination this summer.
If you like to hear my advice...Mexico is known for it's gorgeous beaches like Acapulco, where I flew last week for the grand finale from Elle Mexico Diseña.

I don't know for you, but for me beach equals style and fun.
That means it's your opportunity to rock great clothes and if you have it a nice body too.

Vaporous dresses, maxi skirts, squares as black&white inspiration from Louis Vuitton. Hologram, transparencies, gladiators from Tom Ford, mesh garnments or "caged shoes" like the ones from Jimmy Choo, neon as seen in the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, color blocking and wild vibrant prints from Kenzo as well as natural fibers like the ones used in the last D&G collection have been an inspiration for this season all over the world.

Of course there are certain musts for a stylish trip.
My must haves are mostly comfortable and fresh pieces that can make me look stylish without having to put a lot of effort in to it.

It was really difficult to choose, but I managed to make a top 10 list:

1.- Pamela Hat

2.- Your favourite sunnies

3.- Vaporous dress

4.- Maxi-skirt

5.- Sandals with crystal details or applications

6.- Denim shorts

7.- Mesh heels

8.- Printed jumpsuit

9.- Oversized necklace

10.- Wicker bag

Appart from that I have 3 more tips for you.

- Hair
The beach is to relax and for that reason we don't need to look perfect, just fresh and natural. That's why I figures out that when it comes down to our hair, the crazier the better!
Just let it be!
It doesn´t matter if your hair is sleek or curly; get a foam or Oil like the Mythic Oil from L'Oreal  and make it look great, natural and messy really messy for a chic and effortless mane.

100% natural curls in this picture!
Things turn out pretty when you don't try to hard.

It depends on every skin type, but I would suggest you to keep it natural. A colorful lipstick and a little bit of mascara can make great things.
Remember to wear your sunblock ALWAYS to prevent sunburns, premature aging and even skin cancer.

Flipflops and sandals are great, but if you want to look even more sofisticated get a pair of wedges will do for any ocassion.
They are comfortable and that way your feet won't hurt after a night of fun!

Enjoy your vacations and tell me about your musts per FB and Twitter!
                                                                                                           Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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