Black by Grypho: The sofisticated dandy

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This is one of the shows I was more eager to see. As you know menswear is something I love, because of my dad, who used to be a very "Sharp Dressed man" (like ZZtop would call it) I always admired. That is why men who dress nice, have always awake an inexplicable fascination in me.
As I couldn´t wait any longer to see what these new Mexican brand had to offer, I ran to backstage to make some great exclusive photos and talk to the designers.

 A scarf it´s the máximum proof of style and class.
Shirt, vest and a jacket to make it more casual and edgy.

Fur, knitwear and military jackets
Mauricio Olvera, Grypho's founder and designer, was working on the last details before the show started, so I approached to his partner the actor and host Leonardo de Lozanne to ask him a bit about how he decided to venture into the world of Fashion.

Leo answered very nicely he was just very brave and liked trying new things, but also had the incentive to start this project, because he feels that men are very "abandoned" in the fashion industry and there are not many quality brands for them, or the ones there are, are too expensive and not worth it.
Those would be the main reasons why he associated with Mauricio, to create good quality, cool and sofisticated clothing.
What trully inspired this collection was the gentleman, the dandy and sobriety, concepts which have already been devalued, with the purpose of making them reborn in a more modern, comfortable and edgy way.

And the show began...

 Bright blazers with jeans and a sweater or t-shirt underneath give the look a young and modern twist.

Caps, hats and berets are the complement every man should wear this Fall/Winter.

A brightly colored bias, totally changes the blazer making it more fun, flashy and sophisticated.

Suit, leather gloves and a warm fur coat to fill the streets with elegance.

Leather is also being used a lot on collars, sleeves and applications.
One of my favorite details for the season!
Final walk

An exciting end with both designers, to the beat of "Back in Black" by ACDC

I really recommend this brand to all men who love to dress well, always trendy, elegant, sophisticated.
This is what "Black by Grypho" proposes and achieves to perfection

Roberta W.P.F

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