Must haves for Spring / Summer 2013

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Some things that will make us rock street style!

1.- Change of Skin:
Animal print boomed in past seasons, but now are reptiles who become our new skin and complement.

2.- Plastic obsession:
The more transparent and translucent the better!

3.-Dare to Wedge
Give your outfit a summer punch with these amazing statements!
With stripes, studds and textures is something you need in your closet.

4.- Geisha
Adopt oriental silhouettes, printed silks, geometric folds and kimonos.

5.- Minimalistic punch
Clutch and structured multicolor, perfect for day and night.

6.- Iridescent
Total look, a skirt, dress or just shoes and clutch will be the ultimate statement.

7.- Short pants
With prints, and lace gives a more simple, clean and fresh look.

8.- Grunge
Messy but chic, perfect for a cool Outfit.
Just a plaid shirt with printed pants, statement necklace and heels and will give the elegant touch.

9.- Brilliant
Orange, lemon Green, Pink, Yellow, royal Blue and Red details are distinctive.

10.- Metallic
"Midas Touch" as in gold, silver or any color with metallic shades is now perfect for DAY&Night!
These is what I love the most about fashion, it´s changing allowing each of us to mix and match different styles and discover our own!
Dare to find your signature style!
Roberta W.P.F 

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