Appearances are deceiving: Frida Kahlo

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"Las apariencias engañan: los vestidos de Frida Kahlo" is the original name of these exhibition of the clothing from one of the women with more presence and influence in the world.

Frida was a woman who suffered a lot when she was young...she had a disease that left her with one leg shorter than the other. This forced her to wear heels that were higher on the right foot.

To hide these and secondly to honor the origins of her mother, she began to wear the typical vestiment of the tehuanas consisting of long skirt and blouse.

 She also adopted the famous braids and flowers which together with her outfit and unibrow present in her self-portraits, became her seal.

 All this seems very interesting to me, because many people believe that fashion is something banal when in fact fashion serves and represents many things, like personality, character, culture, history and in this case served to disguise the "defects" of this woman that in the eyes of the world ... fully accepted hers.
D&G used her as inspiration

October of 1937 marked an important step for the influence this amazing lady with strong
character and great talent would have on the world of fashion, when the American edition of Vogue presented her for he first time in its pages.
Frida and her style became the sensation among European elite. It is said that the famous Elsa Shiaparelli created a dress called "La Robe Madame Rivera" in her honor.
Vogue 1937 cover

 Here´s  an example of her influence in the exhibition called "Mexican Fashion: Past&Present"
in NYC where 100 indigenous and mestizo costumes from the museum collection of Banca Serfin were showed in 1990.

Frida´s style has inspired many designers nowadays and her presence will always be strong in the fashion industry known as a strong and confident woman.
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