The art of travelling

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This story of "love and science" as the Maison itself describes it, began in 1875 when the Franco-Italian explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza  needed a portable bed. He went to visit Louis Vuitton and he fabricate it. With this he demonstrated that everything can be packed in a functional and stylish way.
Although Marc Jacobs transformed purses and garnments from the brand in objects of desire, the true emblematic objects have always been and will be the trunks.
500 trunks and boxes are created as a special order every year.
Each one of them is different and totally customized to carry the most valuable items to their owners.

Sketch for Annie Leibovitz backpack
     For Books
Vintage Trunk closet
As you may see, the design dependents totally on the content and this is always very personal.
From Trunk closets to Picnic boxes, Louis Vuittton creates beautiful transport media in order to keep it always simple, classy and functional.
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