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When we see a ladybug perched on a leaf, or a butterfly decides to land on our head, a beautiful feeling of purity and tranquility invades us.
Even for a short instane when we connect with nature, is something we remember forever.
This is what for me,  what the unbelievable work from jewelry designer Daniela Villegas represents, because that wonderful moment between her and nature is captured in each of her incredible pieces.
Using fine materials such as 18K gold, precious stones, shiny beetles, porcupine spines, pebbles and pearls Daniela recreates pieces worthy of a museum.
I was lucky to win a pair of "air earrings" by Daniela Villegas Jewellery, which I used at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and fondly cherish.

As you can see, I'm a big fan and hope someday to have the honor of meeting this amazing designer in person!
Here are some of the pieces I like the most:

"Air Earrings" from Freedom collection
"Ant bracellet" from The Backyard collection
"Blue beetle" from The Backyard collection
Also from The Backyard collection, Love beetles!!

Ring and necklace from the Porcupine collection, interesting, unic and pretty.
Daniela is very talented and for the first time ever her work will be showned during PARIS FASHION WEEK AW13.
I just want to congratulate and wish her the best luck !
Here is her website for more information: www.danielavillegas.com
                                                                                                                   Roberta W. P. F
                                                      ( Photos by Paulina García and from www.danielavillegas.com)

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  1. Gracias Roberta por tu lindo articulo.
    Que lindas tu palabras y que alegria que estes disfrutando tanto tus "Air Earrings", se te ven increibles!
    Espero conocerte pronto tambien
    Un besote