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Last weekend I met with a few friends from New York in the city to go to the Modern Art Museum and catch an eye on the Balenciaga exhibit. Afterwards we were STARVING so we decided to head out for a generous and hearty meal near by at Polanquito. Walking on the weekend along Reforma Avenue is a delight, and the atmosphere near Lincoln park is perfect to leisurely enjoy the day in the company of friends and maybe a good dessert to follow.
If you like rock this place is for you. Dean, Hendrix, Morrison... those are just the burger names. Prosciutto with avocado, a classic one with american cheese, vegetarian version with a goat cheese patty and portobello as buns or the Morrison made out of Blue cheese and confit onions and pickles or goat cheese and portonello are the perfect match for some sweet potato fries, onion rings and a cookie&cream milkshake. Too much? Well, I am a true believer in the rule that says, that if you are gonna indulge, you should do it right.
I love the Polanco location, like everybody else, so I should warn you that specially on the weekends you should arrive early to be able to catch a table or al least don't wait that much. Nevertheless you cand find them at La Roma or Pedregal as well.
So, if you are ever wondering around midtown in the city and crave a good burger... By all means don't doubt to go into this place.

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