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"Nothing ever ends poetically. It just ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood wasn't once beautiful, it was just red"

Altough I consider myself a visual person, most of the time I do prefer to have some sort of explanation or story behind a painting. It's one of those things that catch my attention and then lead me to some relfection.. (If only I was paid to reflecto upon life... I would be a billionaire)
Hopefully you remember last year's art project with La Perla Lingerie about a Catharsis...
Well, this years topic was love. But instead of basing my work on a love quote, I decided to take a different perpective and approach the topic from the outside with a quote that made me ask myself the unresolved questions love supposes...
Why do people actually write about love?
Is it good or bad?
Is it significant or just a word to which we atribute values?
A way to name feelings we don't understand?

In the end it lead me to something each one of us has to answered to himself...

Is love beautiful or just red?
 Roberta Woodworth

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