Chronicles of NYE & Marsala!

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Hello my beloved readers! 
First of all I want to officially wish you a very happy, successful, fun, sexy, productive and of course AMAZING 2015!
Remember, the things which were not useful in 2014, shouldn't cross your path this year! It's over, let go...
I had the intention to write to you from day one, however it was delusional to think that I was going to be able to do so.
For the first time in my 18 years of life, I felt like Ke$ha: Hangover and full of glitter. Seriously, I felt terrible. 
To make the story short I will only tell you that I don't remember a thing after the 8th tequila shot at 2:30am and that when I woke up ten hours later, I didn't even remember how I got to bed. The glamour? Oh boy, I never lost the glamour... (Concerning the outfit)  But I spend my first day of the year wearing what Uncle Karl (Lagerfeld) would call a "sign of defeat", you know, sports wear. I woke up, put on some jogging pants and went out for soup. Yep, no comb, no makeup and no shame came between me and my intention to ease the stomache ache caused by that ethilic devilish potion I so effusively drank the night before. 
But well, I had to experience that torture once to be sure when I say that I'm not going near alcohol in a very long time.
Leaving that aside, I guess it is proper to fill you in with the latest news in fashion.
It's no surprise that a new year brings a new color to inspire designers in their upcoming collections courtesy of Pantone. MARSALA. A warm, elegant tone that for some reason makes me think of a day in the middle eastern dunes  watching the sunset while indulging over plates of dates, figs and sun dried tomatoes. Very arabic and poetic indeed. 
Needless to say after this mental voyage, I liked it. Its aura of sophistication appeals to me, maybe because I tend to dress in this shades, but this newly born love hasn't been the case for many.
The fashion industry has split ideas regarding the matter. 
On the one hand they think it is a very classy color, simple to wear for every skin, easy to combine and suitable for all seasons.
Others say it reflects the world's current crisis status between revolutions, diseases, anarchy, bad economy allegedly fueled by a deep red claimed to look, in this context, like "dried blood" 
Extremly philosophical point of view if you ask me, because in that case we should then start to judge previous color with this criteria. Radiant Orchid meant it was a very exotic year? A girly year? Tangerine tango was radioactivity? Emerald meant deforestation? 
I think that disagreement is fine.
Many people might not like the color. But don't over judge it. It's like thinking too much about military green: looks like mud and something worse, but we love it. 
What do you think? 
Will you be joining the Marsala army this year? Or do you think it is to horrid following social opinions? 
Let me know below!
Xoxo, RWPF

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