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'This the season to be jolly and improve your outfit planning skills as holiday fiestas start piling up on your calendar.
As soon as december arrives with it's shimmering rain of Golden glitter, smell of pine, Apple/Cinammon tea and echos of "All I want for Christmas is You" on every place you set foot on... We have a problem.
What on earth should be worn to all those girl brunches, dinner plans and parties?
And with that question pop three factors o avoid disaster.
A)Without dying in the freezing cold
B)Without losing the sense of chic.
C) Without repeatng the same combos.
First of all, we need to take the 1-0-1 approach.
The months of December demands thematic forms of party-wear so remeber.. EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED!
I do not care if it is 3 o'clock, don't be afraid of sequins and fur or fedoras as long as everything else remains casual!
As the clock ticks you are able too put more things to it, get shorter or brighter or cozier depending on the plan and place, this season is about ALL or NOTHING!
But please remember to consider those factors: Time, plan, place.
You really don't want to wear a dress at an outdoors dinner without tights and a good coat, or wear your most glamorous fur at an indoors lunch.
Keep scrolling down for some party-wear ideas....
Let me know what you tend to wear for the holidays... And sing along with me while reading please!

With le boyfriend, the girls, the family, whoever, where-ever, a simple turtleneck and jeans covered with a nice warm vest, a comfortable tote and some nice pointy toe pumps to upgrade the look.

Lunch or even a casual dinner demands leather leggins and offers the chance to wear something cool like a sweater. Remember...Say it with a shirt!

Simple, ladylike, the easiest combo to obtain neat perfection, look put together and don't think too much.
Velvet is a nice fabric for the season as well, throw over a bulky pullover and a statement necklace to feel and look stunning.
If you want to bet for velvet all the way.. Look for a velvet blazer or suit.. Stunning IPSO FACTO!

Sequins are like champagne, too much is just right!
Enjoy, dance, stand in front of the light and SHINE!

Stay fabulouse!
Happy Holidays!
Xoxo, RWPF

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