Sephora on the Go 2013

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Last saturday my family and I went out for a walk  to a place in Mexico City called La Condesa.
I love it there because  it has a very cool atmosphere, full of young people, small cafes and parks where you can relax and have a good day.
We were getting out of a Little library/café when I suddenly saw some "Sephora bikes" parked in a corner... I pictured those would lead to something great!

Sephora is a beauty brand founded in France 10 years ago. I actually discovered it in Paris one day while strolling down Champs Elysées and was totally shocked of how amazing the products and store were; wonderful music and the best products within a great variaty of brands was like being at beauty queen paradise!  +Sephora                                                                        
Lucky for us Sephora arrived to Mexico 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier.
You may imagine I wanted to discover where those bikes would lead... we  followed them and arrived to the "Sephora on the Go" Truck AKA Beauty studio where you are able to get a couple of make up tips from Sephoras experts.
The Beauty Studio is were the magic happens!

Cat-eyes & Cherry Lips

The color palette for the season is really bright!
"Sephora on the Go" will be touring around the city!
Tomorrow(Saturday), Lincoln park in Polanco will be the first stop of the weekend followed by Satelite on Sunday! You should go and check it out!
It's full of surprises and you will enjoy it, I know I did...
Roberta W.P.F 

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