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Red is the best percepted color by every eye in the animal kingdom. 
It is the exception to a dog's black and white vision, serves as poison alert in a great amount of frogs and can make a bull's heart pound so fast that it goes high on exhilaration only. 
A color so primal and with so many intended meanings is often correlated, in a very interesting way, with the deepest emotions on both ends of the spectrum.
On one hand you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation and passion. 
On the other you've got obsession, danger, fear, doubt and anger.
It's effects aren't only emotional, red can make us feel warmth, excitenment and even color our skin when our blood vessels seem to have an urge to demonstrate how much we love or hate those around us. 
I like to think about it as the means to an end. Either you make a good impression, or you end crossing the line into the dark side and cause a little more than a pleasent impact. This rule would be the classy& hoochy to the ying&yang, however there's always a variated palette of vermilion between them for you to find what suits you. 
Ruby has been the star of every collection in the past two seasons. 
And if you were sleeping under a rock and had no clue, then the hypnotic sanguine suit gladiators from Dolce&Gabbana should make your acquaintance.

Carmine is a fundamental part of every fashion subculture at the moment. Chanel punk tartan couture, Armani bridal gowns, Giambattista Valli kaskade òmbre dream dresses and Saint Laurent leather rocker jackets have certainly made a statement and set the rules to the entire world: RED IS BACK. The memo has filtered down to every fast fashion store we know to end up as a major actor in our closets. 
Makeup has returned to it's roots and reestablished the dragon lady dictatorship with nothing less then a thousand shades of blood in lips and nails that have finally come to put some order into the colorful madness we were in. 

Think about Audrey, Coco, Cindy or Carolina, red lipstick is the perfect balanced epitome of the amalgam between sexyness and timeless elegance. 
Returning to clothes, one must ALWAYS keep this principle in mind.
Red is like animal print, one shouldn't get too excited. Apply it on the lips, but leave everything else natural. Wear it on a dress, and remain discrete everywhere else. Combine it with a B&W ensamble to portrait a little Chanel and don't be afraid of it! 
Try it on leather and the patent version as well but watch out the shoes. 
Red all stars are the coolest, a pair of stillettos as well, but think about the hight and material so that you don't go from starlet to street walker too quickly. 
Don't mix it with deep cleavage, short skirts, HShoes (yes, that kind of shoes), too much makeup or crazy prints. 
Keep it, casual, natural and the center piece of the look. 

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