Girls will be Boys

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As the wise Nina Garcia would say, anything that looks like it was stolen from your boyfriend's closet will never go out of style. 

And no, I'm not talking about that old batman PJ's or those ripped sweatpants. I'm refering to a tux, cardigan, sweater, jeans or even a white shirt. Loaned from your other half or bought from Brooks Brothers is perfectly fine. Any borrowed-non-fitted-menswear-garnment looks very smooth and will for sure make any women jealous, and men a bit more than intrigued. It quitely whispers suggestion of morning-after dressing and makes our subconscious wonder where someone got it and why had to wear it .. But well, I'm leaving kinky details aside as they do not apply to me, but it is true that it rises the question, giving it an effortless naughty/cool allure, because there's an indubitable sexiness attached to pieces originating from a men's wardrobe.
I don't get why all men aren't sharp dressed men, even with all the colors and textures they have it's really easy, they only need to be creative and in case of wanting a look upgrade, check THIS guide.
We stole the skirt from the irish, denim from the americans and finally tuxs from the french and of course, we girls wear everything better.
A friend told me once, that very deep inside I'm a bit of a boy myself.
I'm a girly girl, but I must say that even if a well tailored suit is for women what lingerie is to men, I think there's something very sophisticated and attractive in wearing a well fitted tux paired with the most perfect manolos, a bulky cardigan with leather skinnies and ankle booties or boyfriend jeans with a crop top.
Shoes? Well I would own only heels, slippers and oxfords if I could.
Picture a dress, a blazer, tights and penny holders... match made in heaven ideal for the pretty girl.
This tango between masculine and feminine is hard to master. However the key is to keep it casual. you are not a boy. You have poise, curves and beautiful long legs, so let your natural beauty make the distinction.
No updo's, no heavy makeup.
Lipstick, a bit of mascara or no makeup at all with messy hair or a ponytail. keep accesories to a minimum. A little pair of diamond earrings will do or a pair of lucky charms to layer in the cleavage of your shirt.
keep it natural and leave the sexiness everything shine through.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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