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If you are interested in fashion or the entertaining business I guess you've heared by now all types of stories about juiceing, detoxing and clean eating, probably with some skepticism because all these procedures swear incredible changes in the physical and health in a very short amount of time. 
Of course, nothing is magic and there is no change from a day to another, however I must state that it does have it's perks.
When I first heard about the juicing thing I though it was a very crazy messure. 7 days of only juice? No solid food, just water?
But well, even tough I'm a nerd I though it was so sick that I didn't even want to read about it. Months later my brother got really sick. He had some sort of everlasting flue, and my parents very concerned. So, after lots of testing, the doctor told us it was an allergy. Not an allergy like the once's to strawberry or peanut where people swallow and can't breath, but more like an intollerance where your body can't really digest  causing the cells to swallow and retain liquid.

And that's where all of this turned interesting. As he turned out to be intollerant to egg (egg whites & yolk), and dog hair (yep, bye bye to my baby Schnauzer Blitz :(...) We got really interest to know if it was something hereditary. In fact it was.
All those years preparing sunny side eggs on sunday mornings had been causing us health problems without us even knowing... Quite a shame because I really enjoyed sunny side eggs and quiche loraine (basically a french egg soufflé). And so my mom started to investigate and got more and more into organic products without allergens.

This is how she came up with a detox. She started following a health coach on Instagram and saw AMAZING weightloss cases from "eating healthy" and juicing.
So we went there, where our health Coach Christina Lima explained that juicing is supposed to help our metabolism to relax and return to normal.

With a diet of processed food, fats, sugar and gluten our metabolism slows down, works too much and is always late. If we stop eating our intolerances,  avoid processed food, fat, dairy, gluten, etc.. We'll be giving our body the opportunity to catch up, digest daily and with that, remove the excess of water and bodyfat. Water? Yes indeed. People don't really get what's the deal with liquid retantion. We drink water to use it in the elimination of toxins. When you're dehydrated your body does not have enough water to remove toxins, so it contaminates and shuts down. That means that if you have too many toxins, your body saves water to try and eliminate them gradually. Nevertheless, if you eliminate all toxins and stop consuming them you'll loose all the extra weight.

But first what you need is a blood test to know what you can't eat, those can be the most normal things. I can't eat kiwi, rasberries, pineapple, oatmeal, dairy products (DAMN, I used to love cheese), peanuts, almonds and gluten.
Yes, you are going to tell me that this cleaning system involves declining EVERYTHING! And at first we think it does, but the trick is to tame your mind, be strong and work hard to achieve a cause, which shouldn't be weightloss, but health. I commited to this "diet" a few months back and it brought great rewards. Smooth skin, no more reflux, energy, flat tummy, 2 sizes less and control over my untreatable immune defect.

At first I started a pre-alkaline diet to, as it says, alkalinize my body. All the processed food we eat is acid. Acid makes our muscles sored after a workout, it feeds diseases and cancer cells all over our system. So, if we have an alkaline body we are basically ensuring a healthy life. 

This took 2 weeks, then I did a very strict all veggies alkaline diet and then a week of juicing afterwards, so that when your body is alkaline you clean your intestine, kidney and liver. Then you just keep eating healthy and of course avoiding all bad habits like drinking and smoking.

I was so happy, however took a wrong turn and started stress eating in the last weeks of school, so I'm at the beggining again. More convinced than ever and fully commited to my new healthy lifestyle, because If I did it once, I can do it again right?

So this is the story of juicing from someone who has done it... And who now only eats everything as long as it it is gluten free, dairy-free, low carb, low fat and organic. 
If you are looking for a complete change, do this.
It's a cleanse from the body, mind and soul. Because you don't only regain health, loose weight and look better, but you learn commitment, discipline and to work hard for your goals.
Remember, tame your mind, change your body, find your soul.

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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