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Sun sets earlier, flowers bloom and skirts grow shorter and shorter as the massive heat wave prepares to strike. That means society is expecting us girls to get rid of our natural protection and cancel our no-shave plan until next December. This is why I have decided to dedicate a complete post on the perks and dissadvantages of the many ways of hair removal so we can look for the best option and rock the sleek amazonic body we desire!
First of all this means we need to make an appointment at the salon ... 'cause DIYing it might not be the best option.
Remember the day I told you you were gonna laugh about this post...? Well...
As obsessive as I am, I saw a little hair over my lip. The thing was microscopic, only seen with my maximizing mirror under a lamp. I asked one of my friends and my mum and they couldn't even see the damn thing. Eitherway I wasn't up to any future comments if the horrid thing decided to grow, so I went to the supermarket and bought a package of cold wax strips.
The idea is to warm them up by rubbing them between your hand, then place it where ever you need it and remove the hair. I did it 5 times and the slippery thing wouldn't go away. So I thought it was something about me not heating the thing enough... and I got the BRILLIANT (idiotic)idea to  plug my blow dryer, heat the thing and repeat the procedure.
Needless to say, although it was slightly warmer, it did not work.
The hair was still there and I had to
remove it with tweezers.
But the next day I woke with a burning
first-degree burn on the left side of my lip.
It appears that the wax couldn't handle a miserable hair, but ripped the dermis off the place.

And there I was wandering around with half a red moustache and mistrust to home waxing and those hidious strips.
So my first recommendation would be that you make an appointment with an expert.
Then you'll have 5 options to choose from:
Tweezers, wax, thread and laser.. adding the massive used razor & depilatory creams which, while are
good for use at home are not a long term solution. Its effects don't last long if we talk about creams, and in case of razor, it stimulates folicules and makes hair return a lot thicker, which makes it difficult to remove.
Use it only before laser and only if you are allergic or don't have the time to use creams.
Laser is great, it removes hair for longer each session and makes them thin and almost null.
The downside can be the price, but long term, it's really the best procedure. Of course we must be cautious and not take medications or consult a doctor to know if we are fit for it, as some substances react with photons. It's perfect for any age from 16 when the hormonal system is regulating.
If the price is still a dissadvantage, then waxing is great. (hurts the same hehehe) Most of them are made with aloe vera and bee wax that moisturizes leaving your skin soft. Both of this options apply to practically every part of your body.
Tweezers and thread are specifically for the face.
The first one takes longer and in my opinion perfect for eyerbrows if you know exactl how it is done, still I love threat.
It doesn't only frame your features, but uses them as reference. So it's not someone shaping your eyebrows to a certain design, but to the one you need, using your cheekbones, nose and eyes as reference. A part of shaping, thread "prunes" them as well so everything is in place.
To conclude, always remember to scrub after any waxing procedure to avoid buried hair that causes stinging.
Hope you liked this post!
Let me know if what you think ...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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