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Blazer/Max Mara
Blouse/ Anne Taylor
Cashmere Sweater/My Vintage Armoire
Shorts/ Bershka
Bag/ Chanel
Booties/ Zara
I love to wear blazers, specially out of wool with jeans and skinny's, because they give a slight hint of masculinity which I consider very classy.
The fact of playing with male and female accents turnes any look into effortless chic.
As if you had just casually borrowed a shirt or coat to put over a cool outfit.
A great example would be how a white shirt together with red lipstick are infinitely sexier than a lycra dress in full daylight. (If these can ever be considered sexy at all)
Houndstooth pattern is another thing I like for being timeless. That is one of the main reasons why I've been wanting to wear my Max Mara suit so much. It's a pretty cool 3 piece suit with a tomboy inspiration which I'm waiting for a great oportunity to show. It is a little too much for my daily life at school or friends, so I decided to take the blazer as long as it is and pair it with a pair of high waisted woolen shorts.
Inspired in France I took a silk blouse and cashmere sweater to stay warm. 
To walk away in style, one of my favourite pairs of booties and this perfect sized Chanel bag. 
Now is the perfect time to hide under layers, wear wool shorts, all sorts of tights and have fun.
I read on Vogue's "fashion horoscope" that this 2014 my style is going to change, I hope it becomes more like this. 
Now that we are starting this new year I wanted to share with you what I learn on 2013.
I learned that we need to try hard.
Try, try, try, and even if we feel like we are about to crumble... try again. Still enjoy your holidays and use them as a time to recharge and disconnect. To breath calmly and enjoy life as it is.
Failure is a great teacher. and we must develop the ability to learn from it.
We must also know that some people or situations fall as a temporary happiness to our lives and that some doors close so that others open and lead us to the next step.
Nothing comes alone, we have to go get it. Like happiness. We must work to create it.
However, we can not forget to live. Sometimes we get married with the idea of ​​how we want to display our happiness and forget to live in the moment.
Remember that a life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
Song of the day...

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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