Beauty Tips: Current Favourites!

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This are my current favourite beauty products and perfumes!
What are yours?
Clinique duo eyeshadow in very natural shades, Kiehl's BBCream, Shocking mascara from YSL for long and curly lashes, Touche Eclat "mirace worker" from YSL, for juicy color the new vernis à levres rebel nudes from YSL,  L'OR radiance concentrate with pure gold from Guerlain, Youth Liberator foundation from YSL, Rosa Antartica and Abyssine Cream from Kiehl's (It's never too early to stop getting old) and 3 dark Rouge in Love lipsticks from Lancôme (379N,381B,292N)
Perfumes help you feel attractive, powerful and interpret the different characters you want to play every single day of your life.
That is why, unlike to other people I do not marry myself with one particular fragrance.
I collect and use each one depending on my mood and occasion.
Flower in the air by Kenzo for daily sweet me, Very irresistible from Givenchy to party, Aire de Loewe, Trésor in Love from Lancôme and Le petite robe noir (eau de perfum) from Guerlain for night events and Jour d' Hermès as the new versión from Le petite robe noir (eau de toilette)for formal reunions in the day.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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