Loewe Tales of Spain SS 2013

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The history of Loewe, the famous furrier house, dates back to 1849.
It all started with a leatherwork in Madrid to which in 1872 a german crafstman named Enrique Roessberg Loewe arrived and founded the firm E. Loewe
In 1905, King Alfonso XIII gave the fashion house the title of Royal supplier and the brand became iconic in Spain.
29 years later Enrique Loewe Knappe, the founder's son took over the company and expanded, opening stores in Barcelona and Madrid, including the number 8 in the Gran Vía, which opened in 1939 and is still in operating today as the most iconic store of the brand.

In 1963 Loewe decided to start international expansion by opening a store in London. 1970 was one of the best years for the brand, because they did not only start a pret-á-porter line for women and designed their first scarves, they also created the mythic anagram with Vicente Vela.
Years later Loewe created several fragrances as "L d'Loewe", "Aire" and Loewe pour homme that have been ranked as some of the best fragrances in the world.

Also unforgettable collections have been created with different designers like the Napa collection (exclusive skin used by the brand) designed by Renzo Zengiaro 1979, which proposes the concept of unstructured bag. Or Narciso Rodriguez in 1997, who was responsible for the                          
pret-á-porter collection, and after him, his successor José Enrique Ona Selfala who presented for the first time a collection from Loewe in Paris.

Currently Loewe is part of the LVMH luxury group and remains a brand with familiare and traditional roots by making their handcrafted goods with excellent quality.

El Palacio de Hierro is known for bringing the best brands and products to the country and Loewe wasn't an exception.
 Just as Chanel, Loewe Poped-Up in Palacio de Hierro Moliere at Polanco with Tales of Spain the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection created by Stuart Vevers in collaboration with Anna dello Russo.

The collection, as the name implies is inspired in Spain, baroque, the manila mantle and spanish butterflies. It also presents the idea of ​​affordable luxury for young people interested in fashion.

One of Loewe's mottos is: "touch generates desire" and of course they achieve our desire for a bag in the moment we feel that soft high quality leather, but this collection will also attract your attention with vivid and colorful digital prints with the best technology to endure.

Loewe's DNA remains only with a fresher and modern twist. The most representative piece of that change is: the sweatshirt, which was u
sualy used to represent a Sunday at home watching movies or leaving the gym (anyone who says otherwise is lying ).

But now a sweatshirt can be very casual and chic when paired with good pair of jeans, shorts or a skirts with heels or slippers. It is new to the Brand to have something like this in a collecion, but they  managed to make it super cool and classy.

Tote bags, reversible bandolier, or a jumbo clutch for the technological girl who always carries her laptop. (I got busted!) We are able to find almost everything in Loewe.

Amazona, the iconic bag with a colorful touch!
Something remastered was the scarf now made out of silk and cashemere.
For many, the grandmother accessory, for me the touch of a sophisticated and colorful outfit.
In the accessories couldn't miss a colorful pheasant key, a pretty bird representative of Spain.

I really liked the collection!
Specially because Loewe is a brand that passes from one generation to the other, my mom has beautiful pret-á-porter clothes she bought in Spain and is good to know that there is something new for the young people who want to continue that legacy!
Thanks for El Palacio de Hierro, Loewe and Elle Magazine for the great little tour and amazing gift to start the summer!
Tales of Spain

A little surprise...

Perfect fresh fragrance to start the summer (my mum actually had a déja vú and said it smells just like the store in Madrid) and butter Candy (Favourite) <3

Roberta W.P.F

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