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I love to go with my family to Polanco on the weekends. Rocking a dress and nice stilettos threw  Masaryk and its imposing shops and restaurants just makes me feel as if I were in a movie surrounded by the chic atmosphere of the city.
Passing "polanco passage"and in front of Brassi, one of the most amazing restaurants in whichchicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and orange sauce is unprecedented .... Is Mercedes Salazar new jewelry boutique.
It is a place that instantly attracts attention, You´ll be in love with the variety of charms and designs that can be appreciated in the momento that you enter!

What I find incredible and distinctive of these pieces is that they all have a meaning which makes them not only beautiful charms, but also personal amulets.

One of my favorites, is a bracelet with a coin engraved with a crown in the middle.
It also has a little card that says, it is a bracelet for all women with an inner princesses who are beautiful, smart and full of other virtues.
Well, that's what I remember and the message conveyed to me. The beautiful thing is that each person can interpret this positive message differently.

I was speaking the other day about many people who think products from other countries are better than those made in their own. I thinks that is a bit the way we think about indigenous products.
I admire the fact that Mercedes Salazar uses bracelets made ​​by indigenous Colombians, garnish them with crystals and chains and makes the more modern and sophisticated without losing their style and origin.

As I already said I felt in love with this designers work and there was no question about me having to contact her and ashs her work.
Here our little interview:
How did your career as a designer began?
I´ve always been very creative. I can draw with any pen on the wall, a paper or a napkin mixing colors and forms. So,  deciding to take a career were I have the ability to express myself through materials was very easy.

What inspires you while designing your pieces?
I am inspired by life, small stories that adorn our daily lives, treasures that I find on my tripsindigenous handicrafts and trends.

What kind of woman wears your pieces?
Funny, cheerful, modern and authentic women.

What is your favorite piece?
It's a mini gold skull which has become my amulet.

All your creations have a special meaning, and many are saints ... What is the role of spirituality in your designs?
I feel that jewelry connects people with the universe, that´s why I feel amulets protect you. 
Wonderful designer and really nice woman I would like to thank Mercedes for answering this questions. Hopefully we´ll meet one day!
I really encourage you guys to go check the boutique!
                                                                                                                   Roberta W.P.F

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