Mega Trends!

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As I previous mentioned Manuel Vera gave a conference about Mega trends, those we'll sharply see this year and can use as inspiration to be the stars of street style.

The first one is called JUST
Industrial designers like Kenneth Grange strongly influence this trend.
Basics evolve to time- and genderless pieces!

Animalism in black and white (cheetah print, zebra, snake ... etc..), Knitwear and Jill Sanders degraded pieces will be the hottest these season.
Mustard, coral and purple together with graphic prints are needed!


Values ​​are important here:
Simple Integrity
Rethinking the luxury
Moral Craft

Then comes MARVEL... the surreal style!
I would say it is madness centered on colorful sweet fantasy and retro forward.
We can use as inspiration David Bowie!
Holograms, iridescent fabrics and synthetic materials are a must in this trend and a pounch of color in your hair will be the utimate statement.

 The next trend is called MIGRANTS
A trend in which the gang look of yesteryear becomes the star.
Tweed and "rugged remain".

Last but not least comes one of my favourites.... OUTRÉ
Luxury Bling, velvet, Midas touch, decorative crochet, fur and feather clothes take over creating a pure "proud peacock" style

Choose, combine and adapt to your own style to be the next Street style star!
Roberta W.P.F

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