10 ways to accesorize a Bun

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Buns used to be the elegant women hairstyle, but now they aren´t the only ones using them.
With some accessories and a more messy way, we can look very chic and modern and also get out of any trouble giving.
Here 10 ways to accessorize a bun to make it look Young, fresh, cool and always classy !

1.- With a scarf

2.- Spikes & Studs

3.- Braided Bun

4.- Tangled necklace

5.- Bun with a Bun

6.- Side bun with a brooch

7.- Head bands

8.- Tiara

9.- Braided ribbon

10.- Cute bun

What is your favourite?
                                                                                                                             Roberta W.P.F

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