Balenciaga's New Emperor

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Balenciaga is one of  the most successful fashion labels in the world.
It´s founder, Cristóbal Balenciaga was a prestigious Spanish fashion designer, considered one of the most important creators of haute couture, who worked mainly in Paris for more than three decades. He had previously tailor training an as a contemporary from Christian Dior and Coco Chanel, Balenciaga is the most important Spanish couture-designer in history.
This designer expressed preference for weight fabrics enriched with hand embroidery, sequins and rhinestones.
His most famouse garnments were the black dresses, collarless square coats, the Japanese sleeves, transparent raincoats and flamenco inspired skirts.
His ability to create volumes and shapes was amazing; gave the garments a perfect finish, almost sculptural, covering all stitches. His level of demand led him to disarm an entire dress if it wasn't to his satisfaction. Cristóbal created exclusive designs for his best customers like Marlene Dietrich.
Today Balenciaga handbags are one of the most desired by fashion victims. Another object of desire are his signature Balenciaga shoes for its great originality in design.
In 1997 Nicolas Ghesquière was placed in front of the maison. He is probably one of the designers with more influence in our way to dress. With contributions which transformed the modern woman's wardrobe, Nicolas Ghesquière became who made the name Balenciaga become a synonymous of avant-garde.
Nicolas announced his departure as creative director of the brand this year.
His successor will be the american designer Alexander Wang, who in my opinion would guide the brand to a younger audience.
What we can do is wait for the next collection to see the beginning of a new era for Balenciaga.
                                                                                                   Roberta W. P. F

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