Fashion`s Night Out Mexico

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This event was born in 2009, created by the editor of U.S. Vogue Anna Wintour in collaboration with the CFDA with the purpose of promoting the fashion industry and stimulate consumption during the U.S. crisis.                                                                                                                                                          
Now four years later is being held in many countries like Spain, China, Great Britain, Japan, India, Mexico, France, Italy and Australia simultaneously.                                                                                               

This is the second year celebrated in Mexico and held in two major cities Guadalajara and Mexico City.                                                                                                                                                             
This fashion event takes place in fashion centers like Avenida Masaryk and Antara Polanco mall, places  with a variety of shops ranging from Bershka and Zara to Chanel and Armani and it´s current purpose is to get to know the latest trends, to shop, and above all to enjoy fashion and have fun!
On September 6 my friends, my mom and I arrived very excited to the Antara Polanco mall. Filled with expectations since we thought it would be THE party of the year. Armed only with my iPhone which had the FNO activity app,we started to enjoy all the activities, games, shopping and delicious snacks and drinks the stores offered to the delight of visitors.
It was the best night of our lives EVER !

At the Inauguration

With the mexican designer Macario Jiménez

                                              With the host from "Zona Trendy" Max Villegas

                                                                 Our Outfit at ETRO

With a really handsome Model at Juicy Couture

                                                   Deliciouse Chocolate & Mandarin mini-Pie

My Vogue Cover

                                                          SEPHORA´S Purple Carpet

Pump Cookies from BRANTANO

My Bershka Cover

With Juanchi Torre Hütt from "Compra Moda Nacional" & "Ocho store"

                                                                   FNO´s Red Carpet

                              It truly was the best fashion celebration ever, we had an amazing time.   
                                                                                     Roberta W. P. F 
                                                                                    (Photos by me)

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