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I was watching the replay of the first chapters of  Mexico's Next Top Model the other day and got really concerned when one of the judges ( Antonio González de Cosío) told one girl she looked very much like Brigitte Bardot.
My concern came when the girl said she didn´t know who this fashion icon was.
You might think that people interested in the fashion industry would know who the fashion icons are so I thought it would be nice to write about my favourites.
In honor to this, I'll start with....

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte was discovered as a model and made the cover of
ELLE France.                                                 
At age 18, she began her acting career and became known worldwide for her daring and controversial role in the film "And God Created Woman" directed by Roger Vadim, her first husband. 
In the film she played a young orphan whose precocity caused quite a stir in
the 50´s                                  
She is recognized for popularizing the bikini, the beehive hair, the headband, the long platinum mane and in makeup she gets the credit for the cat-eye liner style.
Claudia Schiffer, Georgia May Jagger, Blake Lively and Valeria Mazza are some more people who emulate the style of Brigitte Bardot, which persists over time and acquires renewed senses.

Audrey Hepburn
This actress changed Hollywood glamor for natural elegance.
She was almost always being dress by Hubert Givenchy who design the costumes for the famous movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
The dumbbell between Givenchy and Hepburn was the precursor to the minimalist style.                    
She imposed glasses, pearls, elegant austerity in the array, the short hair and the wearing of hats.
The actress shone for being a woman committed to worthy causes, she became "Goodwill Ambassador" from UNICEF and even in her absence the actress continued helping, Her iconic black Givenchy dress was auctioned in 2006 for nearly $ 700,000 to help children in Somalia.

In the 50's it was important to accentuate the curves, but in the 60s, was to achieve the opposite.
With the influence of Twiggy, thinness, rather than robust and bulky bodies, becomes the new fashion.
That's why they wore extremely short loose dresses  with no cleavage.
Also, unlike the 50's, women wore their hair short it was a more androgynous style.
Another change was to stop highlighting the lips and start using false eyelashes.

Marlene Dietrich
This German diva, was characterized by using suits.
It was one of the pioneers of the tomboy style in the early 20's and a very beautiful and elegant woman

These were some of my favorite icons, hope you guys liked this little summary.
Good Start of Week

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