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Runway Report
Something about modern fashion, is that specific trends are not longer followed. Yes, there might be star accesories or pieces most people have, but in the end everyone tries to wear them in the most individual way possible to make a statement that refletcts their own personal style 
Dolce&Gabbana are a pair that year to year has brought nothing but beauty and femininity to women's dreams and closets. However their last few collections have become increasingly crazier, with the main objective to keep being relevant and feed this desire of individuality off all the fashion lovers out there. 
In an interview for Vogue by Suzy Menkes Steffano Gabbana said that
"The starting point is no longer the outfit itself, it's the desire to tell our story, reveal an emotion, a way of life. This way, people no longer purchase a piece of clothing but a memory, a love, a special moment, our DNA; constructed by the South and all the symbols that represent it: flowers, pasta, bread, good luck charms, shells, fish, religious symbols, music, ice cream, drinks, dolls, biscuits, forks, spoons, pizza and Mandolin. All of this is love, is the #DGFamily.”
Translation: “We have nothing much new to show you – but we want you to have a great time.”
And a great time we shall have! This colecction is the perfect match between high and low. So luxurious yet so effortlesly cool. I couldn't be more obsessed with the t-shirts... I mean the patchwork is flawless. But if there has to be a piece to be held as the star of the collection, it would be AMAZING!
Here are some of my favourite pieces:

My number one look of the collection for sure. Nothing says "casual" like oversized-ripped-jeans, pair it with a high fashion jacket and a front rower look is what your get. This appeals to me as one of those looks you throw in the last minute and turn up looking better than before.

From time to time girls need to go back to basics. This dress is beautiful.

 This look is probably my number 2 look and go to option for every occassion. Brunch with friends? After work cocktail? Fashion show? Fancy dinner ... Go back to the basics. Go back to an over-the-top jacket and everything in life wil be solved.

Jackets, jackets, jackets, jackets.. do I need to repeat myself?
With skirts, dresses, transpasrencies, pants, sequins, stones or pearls. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE JACKET.

The final strut


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