Face Icing: The (Cold) Path to perfect skin

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I first heard about icing in the beginning of my adolescent years when breaking out was a thing and my grandma was telling me that unless I started doing it I would get open pores and have a nose that could pass as the cousin of  sponge bob square pants. The though of ice being directly pressed against my face 5 yers ago seemed ridiculous, but now... I girl has to do what a girl has to do for the sake of beauty and Icing is not just ANY weird home remedy for such cause, it has been a frequent practice for a few thousands of years in many different cultures, it has always been the must do among movie stars and models, and unlike many of the other procedures included in their beauty routines, this one is really, truly free. 
But what is that thing frozen water can provide to the skin? 
Well, icing gives you tight skin. The cold tones your skin helping to avoid wrinkles, also closes pores avoiding breakouts and black heads. It gives you glowing skin, because it helps to improve blood circulation. I tend to make mine mixing equal parts of water and rose water which oxygenates the skin preventing premature aging. A combination of cucumber juice and rose water can be use under your eye circles to help reduce puffiness as result of late night activities.
I've been doing it daily all through last summer and I've felt a little improvement. I have not breakout at all and my makeup looks smoother because of the tiny micro pores. 
Try it, and comment below how it goes! 
R, Woodworth

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