The Side

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While a deep plunge neckline may have become a bit over the top this days, side cuts are the new hot trend as a way to give a little tasteful sensuality to your look.
Even tough there's no way this could possibly be more controversial than the "free the nipple" campaign or a cleaveage down to your belly button, more than one men in my life has politely asked me to "cover up" when sporting one of this to avoid a cold. (This goes to my bestfriends who wouldn't shut up about it) But, why would I ever want to do that?
When Side boobs should be celebrated for their glorious ability to be both sexy yet elegant, providing the perfect counterbalance to a modest high neck or maxi skirt while remaining romantic and leaving room to the imagination RED CARPET STYLE...
I found this amazing side boob top while walking around Hollywood Boulevard a few months ago in LA and tought I could pair it with everything from a pair of high waisted black jeans a la Bella Hadid to a gorgeous maxi skirt like this one from La Rue de la Paix I wore to the Editorial Advisor Gala dinner from the Reforma newspaper on December last year.
The best is that it is unexpected. May seem like your outfit is as normal as it gets until you turn to the side and reveal some skin followed by some surprised looks and gasps for air as you effortless and casually walk away.
The key to wear it is nothing but attitude. Maria Felix confidence and Marylin's flirty look as if you had your PJ's on...

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