White Collar

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"A city is not gauged by its length and width,
 but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams" 
-Henry Caem   

I've come to the conclusion that my future +1 will definitely have to be very fund of sharing, because other wise... he's closet will be in constant danger of being robbed all the time. he he he                     (You've been warned)

My fascination relies on the fact that any borrowed-non-fitted-menswear-garnment has an indubitable sexiness attached to it appart from the chic factor added by it's oversized silhouette, smooth patronage and mostly minimalistic lines that make it easy to pair.

And they are, once again, very sexy too, or should I say... Seductive? 

There is a fine line between both terms, even if both inspire desire; because sexy may be sometimes over the top revealing and quite dangerous to portray without being tacky when, on the other hand, a seductive woman is misterious, elegant and knows how to be appealing without being innapropriate. 
Real sexiness or true seductiveness relies on leaving things to the imagination reason why my latest fashion theory believes that the power of a men's shirt, tux or even sweater relies on the purely psychological effect it causes when people see a girl wearing it. 

Where did it come from? Why is she wearing it? Believe me, boy's clothes make woman jealous and guys a tad more than intrigued.

I've developed a certain obsession for that allure and white collar shirts seem like the perfect option to wear as button down dresses this season. 

So, for a day down town Mexico City I kept it sleak to go around and have some fun!
What do you guys think about menswear?

  White Shirt/ Brooks BRothers
Skirt/ H&M
Purse/ Emanuel Ungaro
Heels/ MVA

Xoxo, RWPF

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