Flashing Lights

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"She don't believe in shooting starts, she just believes in shoes and cars..."
Let's keep it real.
It might be all heels, lipstick and nicely paired outfits from the porch to the street (yeah right), but once you get home there are very few things better than getting all cozy in a pair of sweatpants.
And even though uncle Karl's (Lagerfeld) first commandment clearly states how those are a clear "sign of defeat", every once in a while a girl encounters the unbearable desire to dress down and comfy without loosing the cool factor.
Thanks to Yeezy leather joggers became more than just a whim and turned into one of the hottest trends of the last few seasons; result of a clash between hip hop vibes and sophistication.
If you're an MVA reader you might have already noticed my constant allusions to hip hop and that might be, because despite of many lyrics, rap music has always been an ode to couture.
Music and Fashion are a match made in heaven and I really like to experiment with different genres and styles to create one of my own. One of my favourite things to do is to combine the "high" with the "low", casual with dressed up to achieve something effortlessly chic.
In this case I decided to pair baggy leather joggers (casual) with anckle strap heels  (formal) to make a contrast, a texturized crop top with a statement necklace, a sleeveless vest  and my new and favourite fringed bucket bag!
All black everything of course.. and no, don't tell me black is sad... Black is poetic!
The cool thing about this look is that every piece can be worn separately into a casual and edgier outfit depending on the combination.
For example the bucket bag with jeans and a nice sweater may be your best friend for brunch. Or the trousers with a cute t-shirt and sneakers may get you the perfect casual-friday ensamble.
I guess you have the chance to play and have fun, you know, play the wild card...!

Crop top/ Pull&Bear
Bag/ H&M Studio
Rings/ Forever 21

 I've been obsessed with this song since the day I heard it, so femme fatale. 
Hope you like it...
Xoxo, RWPF

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