Hell-O Again School...

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Everything good comes to an end, and the inevitable return to school has come.
But "Oh my.. Oh my..." we all say with suffering voices and affraid looks in our face... "What on earth am I going to wear?"
Don't even bother in denying it, everyone wants to look splendid the first day of school.
Either because you change your look, lost weight, or just want to make a good impression... We all want to be THAT cool guy who enjoyed summer to the max and returned looking all fresh to start the semester.

Following this social need for making a good impression, I've gattered a couple of ideas to be comfortable and chic on our first day of school.
It's up to you and your style which one to take as inspiration...
I'm still very undecided but I bet I'll end up taking them all as inspiration for the first month. :)

The Cool Kid on the block is the one who's always got all eyes on him/her for it's unique edgy, somehow bad-boy-looking style. I'm quite into this boyish/sporty allure as I expressed on THIS post, because.... We girls rock boy's clothing better. 
And that's why a bomber jacket is the perfect accesory to match your though lady-like leather skinnies and oversized shirt. Pair the look with many accesories like earcuffs or knucklerings and bangles so you don't fall into the tomboy zone too deeply. You can either wear some lovely slippers or seal the whole outfit with the hottest and most trendy item of the moment: SNEACKERS!
However pick them with a twist.
No running sneackers or converse... Pick something any rapper would be proud of. Clean, sleek, white J's with a little heel inside to make you look a bit gangsta and still feminine and chic. 
I've seen this kind of footwear paired with pencil skirts and LBD's that achieve the most perfect french girl-off-duty look.
Don't forget you are going to school, so your most amazing backpack is necessary!
An it girl is aware of every trend and has the ability to master each and every one of them effortlessly, and she even distinguishes herself in the most casual looks by wearing out of the ordinary pieces.
For example... taking denim as the jocker, instead of the average sneackers, she would wear patent leather oxfords, instead of a backpack she would use a tote to carry everything around. An oversized woolen or cashemere sweater would be her most reliable ítem in a day of lazyness, a foulard would complement it and would look sophisticated with the top fedora.
Yes, why not?
It Works exactly as the beanie... keeps you brain warm, but somehow looks better, smoother, sexier and more mysterious. 

Sometimes you don't even want to think about the look because you are to busy trying to escape the pillows who have, during the summer, recognized you as one of their own and won't let you go out of bed. Relatable story. Nevertheless you don't need to look like a hobo. Messy hair is fine, just take out a logo-shirt, your coolest statement necklace, skinny jeans, some wild slippers and maybe a tote to fit everything inside. 

A new art to master.
It's messy, but chic, but minimalistic, but weird... matches but doesn't match.. it's low profile but makes people stare at you for hours and it's the perfect excuse to shoot a Vogue spread wearing bikini's at the supermarket because.. NORMCORE.
So, don't think too much about it. Go with the huntch.
I would love to wear my paint-splattered-boyfriend jeans with some T, my unforgettable lucky charms and some slippers just to be comfy. The backpack can be the total statement. (Apart from everything else itself)
This trend is weird but somehow gives you the perfect opportunity to
Last, the lady like look.
Or know better known as the LLL.
A pair of jeans with a crisp blouse is a no-error look. The upgrade comes with a pair of anckle booties and a statement jacket in tweed or with leather accents. The birkin bag was just a fantasy touch...
A girl can dream right?

Which look woud you wear?
Are you ready for school?

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